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Abell Hygiene Services
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Abell is pleased to introduce our full line of Washroom Care Services.

Every employee or customer wants to have a clean washroom experience.  We ask these questions to create an improved customer experience, employee satisfaction and increase productivity.  Abell’s complete line of personal hygiene and washroom care products ensures just that.
Abell carries a sleek, unobtrusive range of hygiene related products to help you create a desirable environment for your customers and employees. 
These washroom care products can be easily installed in minutes without any costly renovations.

Air Sanitizer

The Abell FreshAir Dispenser is the World's First Continuous Odour Control System. It utilizes a patented fluid delivery system, delivering a precise dose of pure designer fragrance and odour neutralizer that remains constant for 60 days.


Microburst Aerosol Dispenser

Microburst® 3000 aerosol dispensing systems deliver power, performance and flexibility. Smart chip technology maximizes odor control effectiveness for 30 to 168 days and the LCD model features flexible programming options: 12/24 hours per day; or 5, 6, or 7 days per week.

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Purell Hand Sanitizer

PURELL 1200ML Purell Hand Sanitizer FOAM was created to meet the needs of healthcare providers and restaurants operators looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs.  It is effective at killing 99.99% of the most common germs and is convenient, gentle and a pleasure to use. The dispensers and bottles can be placed anywhere for quick and easy use.

Air dispenser with fan

The TC T Cell Dispenser WITH FAN

The TC T Cell Dispenser WITH FAN offers continuous odor control by dispensing equal doses of a fresh fragrance several times per day for 60 days. It is entirely composed of recyclable elements, contains no added VOCs and is powered by natural air currents rather than batteries.

Time mist sanitizer

Time Mist air sanitizer

New Classic Dispenser delivers improved aesthetics, performance and battery cost savings to your facility. Simplified user interface allows for easy, flexible and programming. The New Classic Dispenser sleek design is available in all white. 

Hands-Free Auto Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser uses concentrated formulas to provide a thick, dense foaming soap for your Customers and Employees. 1 Refill is good for 2,700 washes - reduce waste and reduce your costs!

Auto Clean for Urinals and Toilets

Ensures urinal & toilette traps and bowls are always clean odourless and stainless. Programmable dispensing with consistent metered output; this technology prevents build up of calcium on pipes and scaling, provides round-the clock drain maintenance

Feminine Hygiene Disposal

Touch-free streamline unit will fit in any size stall or washroom. Our unit eliminates odour causing bacteria instead of just masking it.

Microburst Aerosol Dispenser

Aerosol Dispenser with Visual Indicator (LED) Created for facilities on set service schedules. - Optimized for your service cycles without the programming time. Dispenser set to operate for 30 days with standard aerosol refill or 90 days when using a Microburst® 9000 refill.

AutoFlush for Urinals

The Abell AutoFlush unit ensures your urinals and toilets are always flushed, odour-free and presentable. The Abell AutoFlush eliminates cross-contamination from handle touching and odours from unflushed fixtures.

Hands Free AutoFaucet

Abell’s new AutoFaucet is the best washroom faucet system you can buy. Its breakthrough Surround Sensor™ Technology delivers water only when needed, which results in water savings of up to 70 percent and helps prevent the spread of germs because of its touch-free performance.

Central Odour Control System

The Central Odour Control System can solve virtually any odour problem – even your garbage rooms. Its volatized counteracting essential oils actually neutralize odours – replacing them with a fresh clean sent. It can even be incorporated into a central HVAC system for invisible control through all areas of a building.

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